Reporting tips
made easy!

At EasyTip, we believe that paying taxes on your tips should be a hassle-free process.

In this section, discover the where, when, and how to report your tip earnings.

Do I have to pay taxes on tips?
Under the UK law, tips are classed as income hence
they are taxable. HMRC states that:
If customers give or pay tips directly to
employees or leave them on the table and
individual employees keep them without
any involvement from the employer, then
PAYE does not apply. Tax will be due on
these amounts, but no National Insurance

contributions will be due.
You can read more by visiting the HMRC website
How do I report my tips?
EasyTip is a platform to collect tips so we are
not at liberty to advise on individual tax cases
but we can help direct you to the right
Select from the options below to understand
how you can report your tips.