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EasyTip has launched in Germany

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UK’s EasyTip begins rollout across Europe as it expands operations into Germany.

LONDON, 1th October 2021 - EasyTip, UK’s leading online platform for collecting tips and ratings in the hospitality industry, is pleased to announce that it has now expanded it’s services to Germany. The company commenced operating in Germany in September 2021 to make the world of gratuities fairer and more transparent in the hospitality, services and personal care industries.

EasyTip’s team in Germany is led by Daniel Steinbrueck who has over 10 years of experience in the restaurant and hospitality industries. The platform’s first clients include established industry beauty brands such as La Vie Exclusive, Friseur ESSAH, Escape Beauty and Human Lifestyle.

"We are pleased to announce that we have launched EasyTip in Germany, representing a great milestone for us. Germany has a long tradition of rewarding hospitality and services personnel and our contactless tipping solution will make this process easier and quicker. Germany is also one of the fastest growing contactless payments markets in Europe and EasyTip’s cashless tipping platform will significantly help hospitality and services staff earn more tips.", said Evgeniy Chuikov, CEO and co-founder of EasyTip.

"For many businesses in Germany collecting and distributing tips is complicated and carries additional compliance issues. EasyTip’s technology transfers customer tips directly to staff members, resulting in significant cost cuts, quicker payments and full compliance with related regulations. The feedback from clients already using the platform has been tremendous and we look forward to expanding our operations across the country”, commented Daniel Steingbrueck, Country Manager, Germany.

EasyTip helps staff to take control of their earnings. Customers can leave tips via QR code in seconds, without the need to download an app. With many transactions becoming cashless, staff and businesses using EasyTip can earn up to 20% more in tips. The platform also offers staff unrivaled level of transparency with the ability to see and track all tips through individual accounts.

EasyTip is completely free to join for businesses and can be tailored to fit the needs of any hospitality venue, working with hair salons, restaurants, bars, hotels, spas and many other businesses. With the rise of contactless payments, EasyTip is the ideal partner to help business owners to implement a digital tipping system for their staff.

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About the company:

Launched in 2021 in the United Kingdom, EasyTip is a leading online platform for collecting tips and ratings in the hospitality industry. The mission of the company is to make the world of gratuities fairer, simpler, and quicker.

EasyTip's contactless tipping technology helps business owners and staff in the hospitality industry to earn more. Customers can tip employees directly from their mobile phones in just seconds by simply scanning a QR code without needing any App.

EasyTip is the perfect solution for business owners, as it reduces administrative costs, provides instant customer feedback, and improves employee performance and retention. Moreover, with the rise of cashless tipping, EasyTip is an excellent way for staff to control and increase their earnings in a fairer, personalised and transparent way.