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EasyTip partners with Samtouch Software
LONDON, 13th February 2022 - the UK’s leading online service for collecting tips in the hospitality industry, is announcing a new partnership with Samtouch Software, bringing fairer and quicker tip payments to staff at over 7,500 hospitality venues across UK. Technological innovation has become vital in driving the post-pandemic recovery of the sector and enabling the administration of staff tips to be more efficient, cheaper, and less time consuming is a significant component of such a trend.
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EasyTip has launched in Germany
LONDON, 1th October 2021 - EasyTip, UK’s leading online platform for collecting tips and ratings in the hospitality industry, is pleased to announce that it has now expanded it’s services to Germany. The company commenced operating in Germany in September 2021 to make the world of gratuities fairer and more transparent in the hospitality, services and personal care industries.

EasyTip’s team in Germany is led by Daniel Steinbrueck who has over 10 years of experience in the restaurant and hospitality industries. The platform’s first clients include established industry beauty brands such as La Vie Exclusive, Friseur ESSAH, Escape Beauty and Human Lifestyle.
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Tipping point: the apps that make rewarding good service easier and fairer
Restaurant tips are going completely digital as the pandemic accelerates the shift towards a cashless society, prompting a debate about how best to reward hospitality staff for the service.

The number of transactions made in hard currency fell by more than a third in 2020, a report found this week, with 13.7 million people living an entirely cashless life, double the number who did so in 2019.

The change also presents a problem for workers who rely heavily on gratuities. More than one in 10 Britons say they are keener than ever to tip now that hospitality has
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Why is the UK accelerating into a cashless society and how does this affect contactless tipping?
In recent years, cashless alternatives to payments have become king in the UK, with more people turning away from cash in favour of other electronic payment solutions. According to the Bank of England, the use of cash has fallen from 50% of payments in 2010 to just 17%. Due to the significant decline of cash use in recent years, contactless tipping is on the rise for all hospitality and service businesses. Read on for what this change to contactless means for your business and staff
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The ultimate guide to earning more contactless tips
In this cashless age, with 80% of all tips being contactless, it is imperative that all businesses allow their customers to tip cashless or fear missing out. EasyTip is the perfect solution to this shift and ensures all members of staff receive the tips that they deserve with their contactless tipping platform. Here is our ultimate guide to how you can earn more tips through contactless tipping!
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5 Reasons Why You Should Join EasyTip’s Cashless Tipping Platform
As more and more of us move away from carrying cash and a new study forecasts cash will account for a mere 6% of payments within the next decade, service and hospitality businesses need to look to cashless tipping platforms and apps to ensure their staff don’t get left behind. EasyTip, the UK’s leading cashless tipping platform, was built to meet this demand! Regardless of if you’re a business owner, staff member or even a happy customer who wants to leave a cashless tip, here are 5 reasons why you should join our cashless tipping platform:
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Keep your team happy and motivated with EasyTip
In 2019, annual staff turnover in the hospitality sector was 30% - double the UK average, according to a study by Deputy - and the picture has only worsened with the combination of Covid and Brexit. Losing key team members can have a negative effect on morale and productivity. Finding and retaining the best staff is absolutely paramount to success in the hospitality industry, hence why EasyTip could prove an invaluable tool in cultivating a happy workplace with a motivated team.
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Using Digital Tipping to Boost Service Worker Income in the Hair and Beauty Industry
The Hair and Beauty industry was one of the hardest hit sectors by the global pandemic. They have faced many challenges that made working incredibly difficult or, at times, impossible. With cash being replaced by card payments, even when hair and beauty workers could work, they found themselves missing out on tips. EasyTip believes that every hospitality or service worker should be able to have access to digital tips. That’s why, with our QR code digital and contactless tipping solution, tipping has never been fairer, quicker, or more accessible.
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