Picture of a Ha Long Bay sunset
Picture of a Ha Long Bay sunset
Picture of a Ha Long Bay sunset
Picture of a Ha Long Bay sunset
Picture of a Ha Long Bay sunset


  1. This promotion is offered by QR Tip Ltd., registered in England under company number 12646560 (“EasyTip“). EasyTip's registered office is Harwood House, 43 Harwood Road, London, SW6 4QP United Kingdom and its website address is www.easytip.net
  2. This promotion is open to venues located in the United Kingdom and member states of the European Union who have signed up to use EasyTip's tipping platform (each, a “Venue“) and the employees and contractors associated with those Venues (“Participants“).
  3. To participate in the promotion, a Venue must make a post on its Instagram account: (a) mentioning EasyTip using the tag @easytipuk; and (b) describing EasyTip as a “platform for collecting tips“. The post must be made in the Venue's Instagram Feed (and not Stories) to qualify.
  4. To participate in this promotion, Venues must make a post made to Instagram within four (4) weeks of signing up to use the EasyTip platform and in any event before 31 December 2021. Posts made by Venues after this date will not be eligible. A Venue must also inform EasyTip (or the EasyTip account representative for such Venue) of its desire to participate in the promotion and that it has made an eligible post on Instagram.
  5. Following a post by a Venue, Participants will be eligible to receive cash tips from EasyTip as described below during a four week period commencing on the date on which the associated Venue makes an eligible post on Instagram (the “Eligibility Period“).
  6. During the Eligibility Period, each Participant who is connected to the EasyTip platform will receive cash tips from EasyTip in an amount equal to 20% of the tips received by such Participant through the EasyTip platform during the Eligibility Period.
  7. The 20% amount shall be calculated on tips only, and not on any payments for services made through the EasyTip platform. The maximum total amount of the tips payable to all of a Venue's Participants shall be GBP 200.
  8. Tips shall be made to Participants by EasyTip via the EasyTip platform within two (2) weeks of the conclusion of the Eligibility Period.
  9. The eligibility of Venues and Participants for this promotion is subject to their use of the EasyTip platform in accordance with EasyTip's terms and conditions which can be found at https://easytip.net/de/terms-of-service.
  10. No purchase by any Venue or Participant is necessary. However, Venues and Participants will need to be connected to the EasyTip platform. Venues will also need an internet connection and an Instagram account. No refund may be claimed by a Venue or any Participant for expenses incurred in participating in the promotion, including in relation to the use of the internet.
  11. EasyTip reserves the right to refuse payments of any tips which it believes to be based on fraudulent or dishonest conduct.
  12. Tips are personal to a Participant and are payable to that Participant only (and not to any Venue). Tips are non-transferrable.
  13. This promotion is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with, Instagram. By participating in this promotion, each Venue and each Participant agrees to a complete release of Instagram from any claims.
  14. EasyTip does not accept any responsibility for any tips that are not processed via the EasyTip platform as a result of network, system development, computer or telecommunications failures or fault of any kind - including any hardware, programming code, databases or software used in the EasyTip platform.
  15. EasyTip reserves the right to withdraw or amend without notice this promotion.
  16. This promotion and these terms and conditions are governed by English law and subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English courts.
  17. This promotion is subject to Instagram’s terms of services which can be found at: https://instagram.com/about/legal/terms/